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The SteamPunk Sanctuary
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With every new issue of SteamPunk, I will feature a reader opinion poll dealing with the issue.

If you want to see the current statistics and not vote, then clickk here.

SteamPunk # Poll #0

1. What is your opinion of SteamPunk's premise
Cool! I can't wait to see history all screwed up!
It's about average.
I'm bad enough at history as it is- don't screw me up even more!
SteamPunk? What's Steampunk

2. What do you think of the art you've seen?
Average. Bachalo's no better than anyone else

3. How do you think SteamPunk will compare to the other Cliffhanger books?
It'll blow them all away!
You still can't get better Fantasy than Battle Chasers.
Cliffhanger? Oh yeah, I forgot all about the line! I wonder how many issues I missed... :)

That's all, folks!

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