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DC's Description of SteamPunk

"Steampunk will invite readers to follow the story of Cole Blacquesmith, a man who awakens after a century to find himself with a pneumatic arm and a heart powered by coal. His world is in turmoil, rocked by the effects of technology being used before its time, and reluctant hero Cole must find out how to restore the balance of history. With the support of characters like Dr. Absinthe, Skom, Rabid Randy, Magistrate Nixon, the Iron Monk, Victoria, and the seductive femme fatale Fiona, Steampunk will chart a course through a world of gothic romance and horror combined with high-tech science-fiction wizardry." "Forget everything you know about the industrial steam-driven, rivet-sown world that existed at the beginning of the 20th Century," Bachalo said. "Forget everything you've read and heard about the iron-wrought horse and carriage and dark-shadow days of the Victorian age. Because Joe Kelly and I have just shoved the two eras in a tree shredder, and shot the remains all over the landscape in this industrial gothic, sci-fi, action-adventure, steam-driven love story known as Steampunk." Steampunk will be released monthly in story arcs of four to six issues, with several months hiatus planned between arcs. "The most important thing," Bachalo said, "is to have a realistic publishing schedule that retailers and fans will be able to count on, and keep to it." Said WildStorm editor Scott Dunbier, "Steampunk is a natural addition to the Cliffhanger stable. The combination of Bachalo's and Kelly's unique brand of creativity and energy are destined to do great things -- and on time."

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